Old Bridge and Castle
Old Bridge and Castle

The GELITA Trail Marathon Heidelberg welcomes you and up to three thousand other runners from all over the world to an exceptional running event on 05 October 2014. Taking “HERRLICH.HÖHER.HÄRTER.” (HEAVENLY. HIGHER. HARDER) as its theme, the GELITA Trail Marathon Heidelberg is an exciting synthesis of the world-famous romantic atmosphere of Heidelberg and the toughest city marathon in Germany. What awaits you as a participant is a route that covers a difference in altitude of 1,800 metres, spread over 42 kilometres of exquisite trails. Apart from this, the runners have to ascend three peaks, which will be tough. Nevertheless, the sporting effort will be rewarded: the route has many breath-taking views over Heidelberg’s old town, the world-famous castle, the Old Bridge and the valley of the River Neckar. 

If you think this heavenly but hard challenge over 42 stony kilometres may be too much at the moment, the GELITA Trail Marathon Heidelberg also offers a team relay. With this, you can share the attempt on the peaks and the marathon route with four other team partners. As part of a five-person relay, not only can you enjoy the sporting and visual highlights of the route, but you will also experience the really special “team spirit”, which can only be created during very special joint endeavours. Four changeover zones have been created for the team categories, all of which can be easily reached by a shuttle service. During the run there will be nine refreshment points.

Make sure you get a place at the start for the premiere of the GELITA Trail Marathon Heidelberg. Participation for individuals is limited to 1,500 runners and there are 300 starting places for the team relay. We look forward to welcoming you in Heidelberg on 05 October 2014.


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